​Winter Indoor Track 2013-2014

December       6          URI Women's Pentathon, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI                                        Results
Yale Season Opener,Yale University, New Haven, CT. (First Time Out)                                Results
                        7            Brown Invitational, Brown University, Providence, RI.                                                           Results
                        7            Harvard Invitational, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.                                                     Results
                        9            DVC "Practice" Relay Meet, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.      5:30pm                          Results
                      12            SWCL Dual Meet #1, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                 5:30pm                            Results
                      12            SWCL Dual Meet #1, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                   5:30pm                            Results
                      13            PVIAC Meet #1, Smith College, Northampton, MA. (lynx only)         3:30pm
                      14            Jay Carisella Invitational (Northeastern U.) Reggie Lewis Track, Roxbury, MA.    4:30pm     Results
                      17            DVC Dual Meet #1, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                    5:30pm                           PPD to 1/28/14
                      18            SWCL Dual Meet #2, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                 3:15pm                           Results
                      18            SWCL Dual Meet #2, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                   5:30pm                           Results
                      ​26            Tantasqua Invitational Meet, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.        9:00am                         Results
                      28             Rhode Island Classic, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI     10:00am              Results

January          4             SWCL Dual Meet #3, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                     9:30am                          Results
                       4             DVC Dual Meet #2, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                       12:00pm                         Results
                       4             PVIAC Invitational, Springfield College, Springfield, MA.                    3:30pm                 See PVIAC Web Site
                       8             SWCL Dual Meet #4, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                      5:30pm                          Results
                       8             SWCL Dual Meet #4, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                       5:30pm                           Results
                      10            PVIAC Dual Meet #2, Smith College, Northampton, MA.  (lynx only)    3:30pm                See PVIAC Web Site
                      11            Yale Collegiate Invitational, Yale University, New Haven, CT  (First Time Out)Results
                      13            DVC Dual Meet #3, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                         5:30pm                         Results
                      15            SWCL Dual Meet #5, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                      5:30pm                         Results
                      15            SWCL Dual Meet #5, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                        5:30pm                         Results
                      16 + 17     URI Men's Heptathlon, University of RHode Island, Kingston, RI.                                           Results
                      17             PVIAC Dual Meets, Smith College, Northampton, MA.   (lynx only)   3:30pm                See PVIAC Web Site
                      17 + 18     Yale HS Invitational, Yale University, New Haven, CT   (First Time Out)                                 Results
                      17 + 18     East Coast Invitational, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI.                                Results
                      18             Battle of Beantown, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.                                                        Results
                      19             Greater Boston Track Club Meet, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.    10:00am               Results
​                      20             SWCL Dual Meet #3, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                              10:00am                 Results
                      20             DVC Dual Meet #4, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                          2:00pm                          Results
                      22             SWCL Dual Meet #6, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.                     5:30pm                          Results
                      22             SWCL Dual Meet #6, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.                       5:30pm                          Results
                      24             Joe Donahue Games,  Reggie Lewis Track, Roxbury, MA.                4:30pm                          Results
                      24             PVIAC Dual Meets, Smith College, Northampton, MA.  (lynx only)                                    See PVIAC Web Site
                      24 + 25     Harvard MultiMeet, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.                     1:00pm/10:00am            Results
                      26             USATF NE Meet, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI.          10:00am                       Results
                      28             DVC Dual Meet #1, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA.  (make up from 12/13)    5:30pm           Results
                      29             SWCL League Championship Meet, Tantasqua RHS, Sturbridge, MA.    4:30pm                      Results
                      31             PVIAC Dual Meets, Smith College, Northampton, MA.  (lyxn only)                                     See PVIAC Web Site
February        1              DVC League Championship Meet, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, MA   9:30am                             Results
                       ​1              Harvard Invitational Meet, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA                                                   Results
                       4              Rhode Island Girls Freshman State Meet, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI       See RITCA Site
                       5              Rhode Island Boys Freshman State Meet, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI       See RITCA Site
                       7              PVIAC Championship Meet, Smith College, Northampton, MA                                  See PVIAC Web                                       
                       7 + 8        Geigencack Invitational, Yale University, New Haven, CT                                                            Results
                       8              District E Invitational, Fitchburg HS, Fitchburg, MA. (First Time Out)                                           Results
                      11             Rhode Island Girls JV State Meet, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI                      See RITCA Site
                      12             Rhode Island Boys JV State Meet, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI                    See RITCA Site
                      15             Rhode Island State Championship Meet, Providence Career & Tech HS, Providence, RI          Results
                      15             Brown Invitational Meet, Brown University, Providence, RI                                                          Results
                      15             Harvard- Yale-Princeton, Yale University, New Haven, CT.    (First Time Out) Results
                      23             USATF New England Championships, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.                               Results
                      28 + 1       NEICAAA Championship Meet, Boston University, Boston, MA.                                                   Results
March             7 + 8        ECAC Division III Championship, Reggie Lewis Track, Roxbury, Ma (First Time Out)                Results​​                                            

Spring Track/Road Races  2014
March           22             Jerry Gravel Invitational, Westfield State University, Westfield, MA                                      Canceled
                     22              Central Connecticut State Invitational, CCSU, New Britain, CT                                              Results

                     29              UCONN Men's Invitational, U. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT                                                      Results
April              3 + 4         UConn Men's Decathlon, U. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT                                                        Results
                       5              Yellow Jacket Invitational, American International College, Springfield, MA                        Results
                       5              UCONN Women's Invitational Meet, U. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT                                       Results
                       5              Corsair Invitational, UMass Dartmouth, N. Dartmouth, MA                                                    Results
                       6              Scalios Bakery 5K,  Francis Farm, OceanState Multisport, Rehoboth, MA.                            Results
                     11              Eastern Ct. State Universtiy Invitational, ECSU, Williamantic, CT.       ​                                 Results
                     12              Harvard - Yale Dual Meet, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.                                           Results
                     12              Westfield Quad Meet, Westfield State University, Westfield, MA                                           Results
                     13              East Providence Mohawks 5K, Pierce Stadium, East PRovidence, RI                                     Results
                     19              UCONN Men's Meet, U. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT                                                                  Results
                     19              Holy Cross Invitational, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA                                                   Results
                     22              Holy Cross Men's Meet, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA                                                   Results
                     27              Alliance Championship Meet, UMass Dartmouth, N. Dartmouth, MA                                      Results
                     26              Commonwealth Coast Conference Championship, Gordon College, Wenham, MA.                Results
                     27              Rumford Lion's Club - Scott Gorham 5K, East Providence, RI                                                  Results
                     27              Rhondeau's Kickboxing Girls With Balls 5K, Johnston Memorial Park, Johnston, RI               Results
                     27              Brown Springtime Invitational, Brown University, Providence, RI                                            Results​​

May               3              District E Girls Relay Meet, Nashoba Regional HS, Bolton, MA                                         Results
                       3              District E Boys Relay Meet, St. John's HS, Shrewsbury, MA.                                             Results
                       3              26th Annual Grafton Gazebo 5K, Grafton Town Hall, Grafton, MA.                                 Results
                       4              Corey's 5K Run, Blackstone Millville RHS, Blackstone, MA.                                              Results
                       8, 9 + 10 NEICAAA Championship Meet, Westfield State University, Westfield, MA                      Results
                      11             Run 4 Moms 5K Race, Woonsocket RI                                                                                    Results
                      15             DVC Middle School Championship Meet, Blackstone Millville RHS, Blackstone, MA      Results
                      17             District E Girls Class Meets, Shrewsbury HS, Shrewsbury, MA                                          Results
                      17             District E Boys Class Meet, Lunenburg HS, Lunenburg, MA   (First Time Out)               Results
                      17             RI Middle School Championships, Curtis Corner MS, No. Kingstown, RI                         Results
                      18             Just Du IT Duathlon, Newman YMCA, Seekonk, MA                                                           Results
                      20             SWCL Girls Championship, Grafton HS, Grafton, MA                                                        Results
                      21             SWCL Boys Championship, Grafton HS, Grafton, MA                                                        Results
                      22             DVC High Schoool Championship Meet, Whitinsville Christian, Whitinsville, MA           Results​
                      31             State Qualifyer Meet, Division 2, Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg MA                     see MIAA.net
                      31             State Qualifyer Meet, Division 3, Pembroke High School, Pembroke, MA                          see MIAA.net

June                7             Rhode Island State Meet, Brown University, Providence, RI                                                Results
                        8             Castle Awards Half-Marathon, Newman YMCA, Seekonk, MA                                          Results
                        9             District E Weightman's Pentathlon, Lunenburg HS, Lunenburg, MA                                Results
                        9             District E Girls Pentathlon, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA                                         Results
                       10 + 11    District E Decathlon, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA                                                    Results
                       15            Ocean State Duathlon, Quonset Point, N. Kingstown, RI                                                      Results
                       21             Junior Olympic Qualifyer, Fitchburg State University,  Fitchburg, MA                            Results
                       28             3rd Annual Jonno Gray 5K, Elks Club, Holyoke, MA.                                                         Results
                       28             Springfield Youth Olympics, Springfield College, Springfield , Ma.  (Lynx Only)​                          

July                 4             Sudbury 4th of July 5K, Sudbury, MA.                                                                                  Results
                       13            2nd Annual "Run Like The Dickens" 5K, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA.       Results
                       13            Southbridge "Y" Biathlon, Camp Foskett, Charlton, MA.                                                  Results 
                       27            "Be Like Brit" 5K Run, Wachusett Reg. HS, Holden, MA.                                                  Results

August             2             2014 USATF Master's Pentathlon, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA.                          Results
                         ​3             Colon Cancer Awareness 5K, Warwick City Park, Warwick, RI                                       Results
                       ​16             Falmouth Miles, Falmouth HS, Falmouth, MA                                                                     Results
                       17             Falmouth Road Race, Falmouth Town Beach, Falmouth, MA  (lynx only)
                       17             Harrington Hospital "Run For Life, Bike For Health" 5K, Southbridge, MA.                 Results
                       23             "Yo Raymond" Memorial 5K Run, ​Cumberland, RI                                                           Results
                       24             "Yellow House" 5K Race, Palmer, MA                                                                                  Results
                       30             Father Leeber/O'Neil S.J. 5K, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT                                      Cancelled  

Fall Cross Country/Road Races  2014
September         6            RI High School Injury Fund Races, Burrillville MS, Burrillville, RI                                  Results
                           6             Roger Williams University Invitational, Colt State Park, Bristol, RI                                 Results​
                         10             RI Milesplit Twilight Relay, Tucker Field, Cumberland, RI                                               Results​
                         ​14             Brookfield Family Fun Day 5K, Brookfield, MA.                                                                Cancelled

                         14             Wish It Dream It Duathlon, Camp Sheppard, Smithfield, RI                                              Results
                         19             Wesleyan College Invitational, Wesleyan College, CT.                                                         Results​
                         20             Corsair Invitational, UMass Dartmouth, No. Dartmouth, MA.                                           Results​
                         21             CVS Downtown 5K, Providence , RI  (lynx only)
                         24             Marianapolis Invitational, Marianapolis Prep, Thompson, CT​                                           Results
                26 & 27            Ocean State XC Invitational , Goddard Park, Warwick, RI                                                 Results​
​                         28            12th Annual "In Step With Autism" 5K Run, Colt State Park, Bristol, RI                         Results​
                         28             Ovarian Cancer Awareness 5K, Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI                               Results​​

October             4             CCRI Tri-State Invitational, Community College of RI Lincoln Campus                          Results
                           ​5             Ronald McDonald House 5K Run, Brown University, Providence, RI                               Results
                           5             "Costumes For A Cause" 5K, Johnston Memorial Park, Johnston, RI​                              Results
                          11            NEICAAA Collegiate Championships, Boston, MA.​  (lynx Only)                                        Results
                          12            LeClaire-Vacca Memorial 5 Mile Trail Race, Grafton Community Barn, MA.                 Results
                          17            Brown Collegiate XC Meet, Goddard Park, Warwick, RI​                                                    Results
                          18            32nd Northeast - Brown High School Invitational XC Meet, Goddard Park, Warwick, RI​    Results
                          18            3rd Annual Hunger Run 5K, Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Ayer, MA                           Results
                          18           Marianapolis Prep Homecoming Invitational, Marianapolis Prep, Thompson, CT            Results​
                          25           Rhode Island Middle School XC Championship, Goddard Park, Warwick, RI                  Results
                          25​           Dual Valley Championships, MS - 10:00am   HS - 1:00pm, Douglas High School               Results
                          25           Holyoke VNA Hospice 5K Run & Walk, Holyoke Elks, Holyoke, MA.                                Results
                          25           Roger Williams Alumni 5K, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI                                    Results​
​                          25           Catholic Middle School Meet, Lake Park, Worcester, MA.    1:00pm                                  Results
                          29           SWCL Cross Country Championships, Town Beach, Webster, MA.                                   Results​​  

November​​​          1            NJCCC Regional Invitational, Community College of RI, Lincoln Campus, RI                Results
                            1​            Colonial Athletic Association XC Championships, Franklin Park, Boston, Ma.                Results
                            2​            Glass America Half Marathon, Newman YMCA, Seekonk, MA                                          Results
                            8​            ECAC Division 3 Cross Country Championship, Stanley Park, Westfield, MA.                Results
                          15​            St. Kevin's 5K Race, Kevin's Elementary School, Warwick, RI                                           Results
​                          23            Rivalry Run 5K, Westerly HS, Westerly RI                                                                            Results
                          27​            Newman YMCA Annual Turkey Trot, Seekonk, MA                                                            Results